kayseri, turkey

Flower resin necklace

This is a resin epoxy product capturing a dried flower 🌸 in it. To dry a flower is a detailed process. Not all flowers became an astonishing after drying. But once you find the one and see how it changes colors become another thing, it’s an amazing feeling. This pendant has one in it. ……………………………… This necklace is designed, shaped and finished by hand ✋🏼 with love, by me. I am a single worker love to design and make. Therefore all my products are unique. Every product, even similar in concept, has the energy of its own. I look at the materials I see and design it accordingly. Then making process shapes it in the way of its energy. Then the comes the one and only of its own.
Audience: Women
Colour: Neutral
Condition: New
Dimensions (cm): 3*5
Interest: Fashion Lover
Jewellery category: Fine Jewellery
Jewellery Type: Necklaces
Jewellery Type - Necklace: Pendant Necklace
Location of Origin: Rest of Europe
Material subtype (Plastic): Resin
Material type: Other
Occasion: Everyday
Style: Modern
Weight (g): 20
  • I am an architect, with a PhD. But I love to make things with my hand. 

    I use resin epoxy and wood, or natural materials, to make handy objects. 

    Jewelry is my favorite, because it shows my versatility in a sprinkled way 🔆

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