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Metal Gold Silver Chess Set in Pegasus Figure Marble for Home Decoration



Chess pieces represent Greek mythology, pawns represent Pegasus, a winged seahorse in Greek mythology. Chess pieces are made of zamak. Zamak is a metal alloy. Its main components are zinc, aluminum, magnesium and copper. It is an extremely durable alloy that is resistant to, stretching and breaking. The outer surface of the stones is made of first quality chrome plated. In this way, it does not darken over time and the quality and stylish appearance of the stones is more emerging. The game board is made of high quality, durable and non-deformable hardwood MDF wood. After the marble pattern coating is applied on the wood, all surfaces of the product are protected with 1 layer of filling varnish and 2 layers of bright polyester varnish.

4 metal non-slip feet are affixed to the back surface of the table.

The storage container containing the stones is covered with velvet.

Chessboard size: 20 cm x 20 cm

King height: 4.1 cm

Queen height: 4.0 cm

Elephant height: 3.5 cm

Horse height: 3.9 cm

Castle height: 3.5 cm

Pawn height: 3.0 cm

Type: Checkers & Chess

Origin: TR(Origin)

Material: Metal

Please note that this item will be dispatched from our overseas suppliers and shipping may take up to 3-4 weeks.

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