kayseri, turkey

Resin necklace with skeleton leaf

This is a resin epoxy product capturing a skeleton leaf 🍂 in it. To make a skeleton leaf is a detailed process. Not all leaves became an astonishing skeleton leaf. But once you find the one and see it drops out it’s soft parts and become a skeleton. it’s an amazing feeling. This pendant has one in it. ……………………………… This necklace is designed, shaped and finished by hand ✋🏼 with love, by me. I am a single worker love to design and make. Therefore all my products are unique. Every product, even similar in concept, has the energy of its own. I look at the materials I see and design it accordingly. Then making process shapes it in the way of its energy. Then the comes the one and only of its own.
Audience: Women
Colour: Neutral
Condition: New
Dimensions (cm): 4*6
Interest: Fashion Lover
Jewellery category: Fine Jewellery
Jewellery Type: Necklaces
Jewellery Type - Necklace: Pendant Necklace
Location of Origin: Rest of Europe
Material subtype (Plastic): Resin
Material type: Other
Occasion: Everyday
Style: Modern
Weight (g): 25
  • I am an architect, with a PhD. But I love to make things with my hand. 

    I use resin epoxy and wood, or natural materials, to make handy objects. 

    Jewelry is my favorite, because it shows my versatility in a sprinkled way 🔆

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