lupoglav, croatia

The puzzle art rug

You either love them or don't. You guessed, we love puzzles. Their shapes that lead to something whole as a synergy of acting towards same goal. Being important as an indiviual but also as a group as well, a different kind of importance. Lovely symbolism.There are many possible shapes of puzzle, ours is kind of not common one, two holes and 2 ends/beginnings. Who knows what final result would be if we had a whole picture.Dimensions: 1,02 x 0,98mWeight: 1,25kgThis rug, just like any other we offer here for purchase, was made of 100% recycled wool. In other words, with a purchase of any item in our store you directly contribute to sustainability movement and dealing with wool as a waste problem. Additionally, it is always good to mention that all of our designs are eco and animal-friendly meaning no sheep was harmed and no chemicals were used in any step of the process leading to a final product NOTE to a customer: To maintain quality look of a product handling it with care is our warmest recommendation. Hand-washing your rug in a water temperature up to 30°C is fine. Rolling it gently to squeeze out extra water is good way of preparing it for drying. Hanging it over a cord vertically would be best choice so all the water can come out on itsown.Since our products are made of wool and all wool as a material pil to a certain extent as a result of a friction it does not constitute a defect. For that reason some loss of hair in a rug is normal and expected.
Audience: Unisex
Colour: Neutral
Condition: New
Dimensions (cm): 102x98
Interest: Crafts
Location of Origin: Rest of Europe
Material subtype (Fabric): Wool
Material type: Recycled Materials
Occasion: New Home
Style: Modern
  • Dry felted woolen art rugs made of raw wool.
    Sustainable, eco and animal friendly.

    Imperfectly perfect.

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