Hot cocoa in cold hands, warm boots and snuggly sweaters – ‘tis the season to Beret! A beret, that equals outfit-completer and final flourishing of restful symbol of glamorous Parisian style.

A French beret never fails to make an outfit look perfect with its classic sense. You can easily put on different looks for different events and all with just one hat. Isn’t it great?

There is something about it that makes you feel confident, elegant and fearless. So, let’s have a look, how?

The Chic look which will make you elegantly and stylishly fashionable - pair up the beret with a nice little black dress, a pair of gloves and you are all good to go and give that vintage British vibe. 

Next is the modest look, simple yet does the job perfectly. Style a simple beret with a pair of flared trousers and warm snuggly jumper. Add a long, slim scarf in front of the coat if you're feeling too cold. 

Third is the Sophisticated look, rushing for events and tea parties and thinking of how to complete the look? Here’s the beret for you, pair up with a subtle sweater and a chequered skirt or a dress and stockings and let go of your worry.


A Studious look, comfortable shirt with vest on the top or just a simple black sweater, clear framed glasses and top off with a beret with any colour you like and you are all good for your nerdy look.

And the last one is the most cute! - A Cosy look.

How can anyone's winter feel complete without a cosy look in a beret?! So little effort to create this look, just go with whatever you are comfortable in and add on a classic beret as the cherry on top.

This versatile accessory is set to become your new go-to fashion item. So, we’ve covered five different ways to style this glamorous, beautiful and stylish hat for you which you going to fall in love with.



The Hat Circle Team