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Who are The Accessory Circle?


Since 2015, we have been empowering independent designers through our various exquisite occasions, events and shows from all over the world to sell their brilliance. The Accessory Circle is fully independent and launched to support artists, designers, makers, and small brands to start their dream online shop and make a living and doing what they love. 

The Accessory Circle is an extension of The Hat Circle, both powered by X Terrace fashion platform, the team that brings you ‘The Great Hat Exhibition’ (the official London Hat Week Exhibition) and ‘Hatmosphere’ the annual pop-up hat shop.

X Terrace has showcased over 3,000 hats from 750 designers in several exhibitions and pop up shops, promoting amazing creations from a global community of milliners to hat lovers who make their way to London for the annual millinery events. We have also built a loyal following of over 100,000 fashion enthusiasts on social media who are always updated with the latest millinery trends from us.

Now we are taking things a step further with TAC and providing an even bigger platform to support the independent designers to enter a truly global marketplace with us, where your accessories will be seen and purchased by thousands of fashion enthusiastic from every corner of the globe.

Have you ever wanted to showcase and sell your accessories to a bigger, worldwide audience?

TAC has created a place where you can do just that, and much more!

For you, we have surveyed hundreds of designers and individuals to find out what they want when selling or shopping for accessories online and put all we discovered into designing The Accessory Circle so you have one less work to do.

Whether you are a jewellery maker, an accessory or fashion designer or a small brand looking for exposure, making and selling what you love, we are here to help!

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Looking for unique jewellery & accessories to stand out of the crowd?

At TAC we are excited/dedicated to connect you to an array of talented, independent designers where you can find inimitable/exclusive, fun, elegant and innovative accessories to fuel your style.

With us, you can discover beautiful, stylish accessories, carefully curated from collections of designers from all over the world. You won’t have to settle for the same old because with us you can find every trend, every colour and every kind of jewellery and accessories you dream of but can’t seem to locate on your regular shopping sites or local stores. 

With The Accessory Circle, we do not allow selling of counterfeit products. The goods you purchase are 100% verified authentic.

Our stylish website introduces The Accessory Shop where you can buy or hire accessories for all occasions, seasons and styles in all price ranges. Save yourself valuable time which would otherwise be spent visiting many designer websites; here you can browse, compare, and shop and designer fashion from around the world in one place. You can also look for inspiration, learn how to pair accessories, discuss experiences in the forum, and discover popular social events to attend. Filter your searches by occasion, body part, brand, price, style, or region, we have got you covered!

Join The Accessory Circle and discover countless talented designers, styling tips, and unique accessories from all over the world in one place where we have built a beautiful accessory wardrobe in the cloud for you.

BUY, START A CONVERSATION in our forum, or just BROWSE. It’s a big fascinating world here for you to explore! And you’re most welcome!

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With our experience in the fashion world for over a decade, we invite you to join our global community with hundreds of other brands and store owners, where you can discover, grow, and express yourself through your creativity.

We are here to simplify communications between brands and audiences, improve experiences, engage, inspire, and help to foster relationships in the fashion world and we are enthusiastically passionate about it. We provide you with a platform that is specifically designed to help customers discover the accessory world and to help your business gain exposure and connect to millions of fashion lovers around the world.


Through our specially crafted membership plans (Maker, Crafter, Master and Special), TAC uniquely caters to the different needs of the designer community, whose vision is to expand their horizons and get more exposure in the industry. Whether you are a startup or a seasoned designer, whether you are an SME or a much bigger business, TAC offers limitless benefits for the future of your brand than just e-commerce. We are experienced in showcasing talent and creativity just like yours and have designed these plans according to your various requirements (learn more about our amazing packages here).

Designers and businesses who seek further involvement and participation in the industry can also opt for additional services like selling in pop-up shops, participating in exhibitions, design technique workshops, fashion shows, trade shows, photoshoots, marketing their own events, and much more. We’re excited to simplify entry to the accessory world for everyone through our exclusive circle!

Join our community with other designers and businesses from over 50 countries to connect and sell beautiful accessories, gain global exposure, and stay up to date on what’s happening in the fashion world.

Stop imagining and come on in to see for yourself!

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