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Are you passionate about crafting unique fashion or home accessory designs or producing beauty products? If you are looking for a new opportunity to sell your thoughtfully designed products and services to a highly targeted audience then join and sell with The Accessory Circle anywhere on the planet!


We empower independent designers and unite small creative businesses all under one platform and connect them with the world. We have worked with over 800 brands and showcased over 4500 products since 2014 in various events, shops, exhibitions, and catwalk shows, we have a huge fashion loving customer base, and we know how to promote your products. We launched our first e-commerce website The Hat Circle in June 2020, 152 brands are currently members of THC, and the website traffic continues to grow rapidly. 

The Accessory Circle is a unique accessory marketplace platform where independent designers and brands unite together, inspire and grow with each other within an exclusive community.


We are Global

Our mission is to enable independent designers to sell their products globally, offering the widest range of carefully curated accessories to customers all around the world, in their different locations and currencies, to shop unique accessories which they would treasure for a long time!

We Empower Independent Designers

We support your dreams, small and big! We believe there’s a special place for all levels and types of designers at The Accessory Circle, and you deserve to be discovered by thousands of customers who love accessories! 

We are not just another Selling Platform

We have much more to offer you than just selling your designs. Unlike others, our platform showcases your brand, and allows you to tell your brand story, and connect with the customers from all over the world to grow your brand awareness. It’s a special place where you can inspire each other, broaden your customer base, and grow together as a community. 

We sell through Five different Channels

Pay for one but sell through “5 different channels” including Google Shopping, Etsy*, Facebook Shop, Instagram Shop, & of course our main website You can also customise* your channels for your selling demands.

*We understand you may already have an Etsy shop, if you would like to manage all your sales channels on one platform, you can pay a small fee to enjoy Etsy add-on feature. 

We Are All Ears

Speaking from previous experiences, we believe that listening to our sellers' feedback is the best opportunity we have to persistently improve our services. So, we have rapidly developed various tools to make your selling experience and customer journey as easy and effective as possible.

How We Help You Grow

We have attracted over 100k fashion enthusiast followers across all our social media accounts and many thousands more on our mailing list. We encourage our sellers to take full advantage of our large customer base.

We share your success stories and feature your beautiful products through our inspiration articles on websites and newsletters, so they reach all our customers in different parts of the world.

We also organise awe-inspiring offline fashion events to promote your unique designs and to give the recognition you deserve, where visitors and buyers come to attend from around the world. You can find a glimpse of our incredible shows in our social media pages @xterrace @thehatcircle @accessory_circle @accessory_week.

We promote your brand through our social media, advertising campaigns, beautiful newsletters, Google search Ads and Display Ads, Facebook Ads, and Instagram Ads, and all possible ways. We also take all marketing and branding responsibilities off your shoulder and cover all advertising costs. 

We have a truly dedicated and expert seller team to help you with anything from learning the basic selling skills to becoming a top seller on TAC.


We are professional and we take pride in making sure your brand image is as good as our platform, we have engaged a large number of designers and businesses since 2014 through exhibitions, fashion shows, press events, online and offline pop-up shops of our sister brands. We are now extending this network to include accessories and can not only introduce your brand to a global community of customers but also offer the service it deserves to grow and thrive. Our site is an advanced Shopify store, which means our customers will have the best shopping experience, and you don’t have to pay the monthly Shopify fees (up to $79 a month), because it is included in your membership fees!

If you are not completely satisfied with your experience on The Accessory Circle, you can request for a refund for the monthly fee within 14 days (joining fee non-refundable). Sales commission is 10-25% depending on the plan you choose, and we pay out within a month!

We understand how difficult it is to get your work seen. It is hard to find a good stockist and never easy to maintain, update, and drive traffic to your own website without losing precious time which could be spent designing or sourcing new innovative products.

The Accessory Circle is not just another e-commerce site. Here, you can choose the right membership plan that suits your business needs, and of course we are here with all the support you need to get the recognition your brand deserves.
You can own a store on TAC, and benefit from the many additional features we have included to ensure your products are discovered, and all customers have a wonderful shopping experience. Our Circle is designed to enable you to build a sustainable business for a small token in monthly subscription fees (this is easily covered by selling just one or two products!). By selling with us you can worry less about marketing and solely focus on doing what you love; creating beautiful products. Traditional stockists have high initial costs, tons of unsold inventory returned to you every season, commonly cost you 50+% commissions, and very slow pay-outs.

Choose your perfect membership plan- Maker, Crafter, or MasteChoose your perfect membership plan- Maker, Crafter, or Master - and join the exclusive Circle today! 


As the name implies, this plan is specially designed for experienced designers and retailers who are pressed for time and lack the tools to target the right kind of customer, drive website traffic, or conduct the right kind of marketing to facilitate business growth. The ‘Master Circle’ is exactly where you belong if you are looking for a new stockist who can help you to engage customers, sell, and grow internationally. You get to list up to 90 different accessories, have direct communication with your customers, and sell your products on a platform that will do all the promotional work for your brand!

With listings that don’t expire, you are guaranteed that customers will always be able to shop your bestsellers and more when you sell with us. You get to create a custom designer profile where you can tell shoppers about yourself, your brand, and provide direct links to your brand and social media handles. Our special direct messaging feature also allows you to discuss with customers in real time and answer whatever questions they may have, and to ensure the conversion is made. In addition to our website, your products will also be listed on our Instagram and Facebook shops, and Google Shopping channels to maximize sales, while benefiting from our rigorous marketing services which include designer interviews, priority bookings, features on our inspiration page, customer newsletter, style edit, social media, and more. You are also guaranteed special discounts on events, subscription fees*, and 1-3* free shop spaces at our yearly London accessory exhibitions and pop-up shops among other things.

This is the perfect plan for you if you simply want to sit back and focus on creating while your beautiful products ‘sell themselves’.  

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Are you a young brand or part-time designer who wants to spend more time developing your craft rather than marketing it? Do you struggle to find the right customers or the right place to sell your creations? We understand how tedious it is being your own boss and are here to make that a little less so. Our ‘Crafter’ plan is especially designed for those who find it challenging to juggle crafting, promoting, selling, and finding the right customers all at once. We take the stress of your hands by doing all the promotional work for you, and through our thoughtfully designed features we do not only help you make sales, but also increase your brand awareness globally via our community of fashion and accessory lovers from all over the world.

On this plan you get to list up to 30 products for sale at any time. You also have access to your own designer profile which lets you connect better with shoppers by giving them an insight into who you are, sharing your brand story, and providing relevant brand and social media links for them to access and be part of your world. Your products will be sold on four additional platforms including our website - with the option of a fifth, Etsy - and feature in marketing materials with thousands of global subscribers via social media, email, Ads, events, and more. Additional benefits include free shop space at exhibitions, discounts on events participation, membership fees, and a free 14-day trial to let you explore before taking out a subscription. 

We have the right audience and experience to help you take your business to the next level!

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Did someone say testing, testing?! Yes, this package is free and requires no subscription. Whether you are a starter or a seasoned professional, our ‘Maker’ circle lets you explore and test out our platform before picking an ideal membership plan. If you are seeking new ways to grow your business and make your products available to a wider customer base then say no more because you’re exactly who this plan is designed for. 

Jump aboard, share your story, list some products, and get first-hand experience of what it is like to be a member of The Accessory Circle!

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We truly have something for everyone and no, we did not forget to include a plan for large scale retailers who move volumes of products and require a much bigger shop than listed here. Our hidden special plan is a true blockbuster, packed with more than 2x benefits than the ‘Master Circle’, an amazingly low sales commission, and first priority on many other perks across our services. There are endless benefits from The Accessory Circle ‘Special Circle’ package. We have the right audience and a platform specially designed for the fashion lovers you are looking for. 

This package will open the door to welcome in your target audience. The benefits continue with having your own brand profile on the TAC website where you can sell your products and services be they physical or virtual. The list goes on. If this sounds like what you need then simply drop us a message via to get all the juicy details and begin selling right away! 

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By joining The Accessory Circle you agree to our terms & conditions for seller members.

Sell on The Accessory Circle: No sale, no commission is charged. When products are sold, the commission to TAC is 10 - 25% (depending on your choice of membership) of the sale price, minus card fees.

All products listed on TAC website will be available in Instagram and Facebook shops. However, Facebook restricts certain types of products using animal skin or feathers. We submit all items but in rare cases, they won't be approved by Facebook.

TAC reserves the right to make changes to the policies at any time and all changes will be posted on the website. We will notify you of any changes by posting a notice on our Sell page or by email. You are responsible for reviewing the changes we make. Your continued use of our Sell page constitutes your acceptance of the updated policy. Our services might change from time to time, contain links to external sites or resources which are operated by third parties. We have no control over the content and privacy practices of such sites or resources. You are advised to review the policies of these sites or resources.

Products Featured on TAC Inspiration Page: Your products will be featured on our Inspiration articles twice a year minimum for Master members, once for Crafter members. We regularly add articles with trends, stories and recommendations, and recommend products in editorial style articles. This spotlight will contribute to your brand discovery by the consumers.

Products Featured on TAC Inspiration Page: Your products will be featured on our Inspiration articles twice a year minimum for Master members, once for Crafter members. We regularly add articles with trends, stories and recommendations, and recommend products in editorial style articles. This spotlight will contribute to your brand discovery by the consumers.

Products Featured on TAC Social Media Channels: Master and Special members will be featured in minimum of 2 posts per year and Crafter subscribers will be featured in a minimum of 1 post on TAC pages - Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook Page and our customer facing community Facebook Group. This will give your brand more visibility and boost sales.

Feature in TAC Style Edit: We curate outfits/looks with members' products regularly to give our customers tips on how to style their purchases, and inspiration on how they could match your products in a stylish way. This is an exclusive feature to promote “Master"and “Special” members a minimum of once per year. These are very popular among our customers as they love to imagine how they will be able to style the products they wish to purchase!

Feature in customer Newsletter: Your products will be featured in our customer newsletter, we curate interesting content, recommendations for the customers to discover your products and browse your collection on our website. This is an exclusive feature for Master and Special members, minimum twice a year and for Crafter minimum once a year. This one of the most effective selling tools for our platform.

London Accessory Week Exhibition Entry: Our exclusive event designed for accessory brands to meet customers physically or virtually once a year. The event is hosted in a central London venue, your work will be displayed and showcased to customers from London and beyond to increase brand reputation and awareness. Members are entitled to special discounts (10% for Master and Special, 5% for Crafter) on exhibitor fees and Priority Booking for London Accessory Week Exhibition. The usual application process and deadlines apply, subject to the curator's approval. Please refer to London Accessory Week ( exhibitor information page for full T&Cs, you will be informed when the event details are published. 2nd priority booking is not a guarantee of admission and is subject to availability.

London Accessory Week Market Space: 3 free spaces for Special, 2 free spaces for Master members and 1 free space for Crafter membership only, subject to availability, minimum quantity applies. Commissions apply, please refer to London Accessory Week ( exhibitor information page for full T&Cs, you will be informed when the event details are published. 2nd priority booking is not a guarantee of admission and is subject to availability.

London Accessory Pop-Up Shop Complimentary Space: We organise a pop-up store in central London every year, we have acquired an affluent customer base who come to shop beautiful accessories from independent brands. It's a great opportunity to sell to London local customers, so we are offering 1st priority booking, one free small space for Special and Master members, one free small space for Crafter members. Minimum booking and commissions apply, please refer to X Terrace ( event information page for full Ts&Cs, you will be informed when the event details are published. 2nd priority booking is not a guarantee of admission and is subject to availability.

London Fashion Shows: We organise catwalk shows in central London locations annually, last year we put on two shows in London’s landmark, The Shard, London, with the support from our partner Shangri-La Hotel. Hundreds of press and fashion loving customers enjoyed the shows and got to know the brands who participated. You can elevate your brand to the next level and be a part of the amazing experience, enjoy 1st priority booking and 10% discount for Special and Master members. 2nd priority booking and 5% discount for Crafter members.
The usual application process applies, subject to the curator’s approval. Please refer to X Terrace ( event information page for full T&Cs, you will be informed when the event details are published. 2nd priority booking is not a guarantee of admission and is subject to availability.

Discount for Other X Terrace Events: Members are entitled to special booking fee discounts on other X Terrace Events. For example, exhibitions, shows, fairs, and other events. We will be in touch when any event is ready for you to participate.

Fashion Events Listing: Do you participate in various events throughout the year? Be it product launch, craft fair, pop-up shop or any other activity, we can help you to promote it to our audience. Submitted events have the opportunity to be featured on TAC. Selected (not all) events will be featured on TAC social media accounts, subject to availability and approval. Special and Master members can list up to 10 events per year, Crafter members can list up to 3 events per year. All events are subject to admin approval of suitability (wedding, craft fair, shopping, exhibition, talk, studio visit and other events).

Designer Interview Feature: An amazing feature that is only available for Special and Master members, once per year. We will work with you to produce 300-600 words of text to tell the story about you and your brand. The article will include a minimum of 3 hyperlinks to drive traffic to your products for sale on TAC and will include keywords and contributor information. It will also remain published for a minimum of one year. Your video may be embedded in the body of the article and must contain a reference to the sponsored article (or similar wording). We will also set up SEO for the article to your keywords and publish it on TAC, to ensure it’s read by many of our customers.

Discount on Other Services: As a member of TAC, you are entitled to enjoy a special discount for other selected services offered by TAC and X Terrace. For example, photoshoots, exclusive events, graphic design, styling.

HaTalk e-Magazine Subscription: Upon joining TAC, you will receive a code to enjoy a 20% discount on a subscription to HaTalk e-Magazine. You will get access to millinery projects, hints and tips tutorials, and monthly issues of HATalk e-magazine, a digital publication for hat makers and enthusiasts loaded with great content. Also access the entire back issue library of over 160 issues of HATalk e-magazine. *THC is not responsible for the changes of service & policy of HaTalk.