Can you ship to my location?

The Accessory Circle is a marketplace website made up of independent sellers form all over the world who run their own shops. Each seller is responsible for setting the locations where they ship products and the shipping costs.

In each product page, look under 'Delivery' on the right hand side of the page to see the locations that the seller currently ships to.

If you do not see your location, you can click 'Ask seller a question' to request the seller to ship to your location.

Shipping estimate

Check that the item you have in your shopping cart can be shipped to your location by using the 'ESTIMATE SHIPPING' tool on your shopping cart page.

Enter your country and postcode to find out if the products in your shopping cart can be shipped to your location. 

If you have products from more than one seller in your shopping cart and one of the sellers does not ship to your location, there will be no shipping estimate. Please purchase products from one seller at a time to avoid issues.

Shipping zones

The Accessory Circle uses shipping zones to help sellers offer shipping to a wide variety of locations around the world. Some shipping zones are single countries, other shipping zones contain a group of countries.

There are 21 shipping zones:

Single country zones:
New Zealand
South Korea
United Kingdom
United States of America

Multi-country zones:
Central and South America
Middle East
Rest of Asia
Rest of Europe
Rest of World (Islands)