Beauty and Fashion brands need influencers to succeed on YouTube

Did you know, YouTube is the second-most searched website in the world? It is becoming an essential tool especially for the fashion and beauty brands. Can you believe, more than 34.6 billion users visit YouTube each month?!

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Recently, many brands have taken away from brand ads and instead encourage brand entertainment to engage their customers. They partner with influencers and bloggers to connect with potential customers, who spend infinite hours watching videos on YouTube.


For online video promotion using various video platforms, fashion brands are effective within a short time, especially the YouTube platform is the perfect destination for Fashion brands to advertise their new products online.

YouTubers with masses of subscribers on their channels are now likely to be approached by leading fashion and cosmetics brands, as they have a huge impact on their followers across the digital platform. These brands have seen growth in numbers from online social media sites and some have even now adapted their advertising campaigns to attract potential consumers through YouTubers.


Influencer marketing is a great way to help reach new customers and increase brand awareness. But it’s not as easy as it sounds. On YouTube, every new brand on the platform has a success rate and there is a big rivalry between companies when it comes to attracting audiences to their brands. 




So to keep up with the competitors, many brands reach out to YouTubers A.K.A. influencers to work together to create exciting content for their subscribers. They provide the influencers with a range of free or discounted products to promote themselves.


This type of promotional video helps to build brand trust. Customers are very much dependent on influencers when it comes to trying out a new product. When they respond to the influencers and the connection between the brand and influencer is strong and clear, the customer is by definition connecting with the brand. They watch several videos on that product and after having enough satisfaction then only the customer will choose to buy that product.


There is no denying that bloggers and influencers are growing in popularity and are playing a very important part in brand marketing and building trust within customers for the brand. We even heard that over 70% of teenage YouTube subscribers trust influencers' opinions over traditional celebrities.


We will be back with more interesting stuff on influencers soon. So, stay tuned!


Shivani from The Accessory Circle