Finally, it’s one time of the year when you would enjoy going outside in those sunny days and to travel around. What a fun occasion you’re looking forward to! Getting stylish looks together with your hat choices for a summer holiday can be chaotic. If you wonder the best hat style for a summer holiday then you’re certainly in the right place now – we are going to share some of the style tips featuring our top pick for hats – all you need for a capsule holiday wardrobe living out of your suitcase!

Maxi dress is absolutely essential for any holiday occasion in summer and would complement any shapes but can be challenging to accessorise it. One way to elevate the simplicity of a long dress is to wear a hat – a small fascinator would be perfect especially when you want an easy piece. The whole look illustrated above would totally bring out a modern chic look with sweet detail from Dusky Pink and Black Pillbox Hat by Marvellous Millinery, a perfect flattering piece.


If you travel to somewhere with weather that could be wind chill during summer, you would need to pack safe pieces for all occasions in any possible weather. As mentioned before maxi dress is a must – you could always bring your favourite one with different styling. (Hat name) by Urbrims has a great offer, besides its unisex design, this hat also perfect for any occasion which makes it a very classic item. For wind chill weather, you could always wear a lightweight to heavy blazer as you desire. Do not forget to also polish your look with earrings or small jewelleries.

See you next week with lots ...


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