🌿 Alalela is an eco-luxury home scent and Parfum de Grasse that are ethically sourced and sustainably crafted in Grasse known as the capital of perfumery. 
Alalela creates scented candles, scented reed diffusers, scented soaps, home fragrances, and Parfums de Grasse for the delight of your senses; 
The iconic perfume bearing the image of @alalela.scents is “La Fleur d’Oranger” (Orange blossom). In perfumery, orange blossom has floral, waxy, sweet, powdery, and green.
The scent of orange blossom dresses your interior with a sweet and flowery fragrance that will transport you to the heart of the gardens and will give you a pure moment of relaxation.
Alalela's home scents bring an elegant decorative touch and perfumed notes of luxury much appreciated in comfort and well-being.
Concerned about making your home a place of comfort and relaxation, their home scents, home fragrances, and Parfums de Grasse bring a pleasant smell during your relaxing moments.
It is a slow perfumery brand made of natural products that harness the power of nature with effective organic ingredients to support all skin types. Vegan-friendly and anti-allergic.
🔝 Produced and handcrafted in the region of Grasse, known as the capital of perfumery, all ALALELA scented candles and scented soaps are handcrafted and hand-poured to the highest quality standards which help Alalela exceed customer expectations.
Alalela is more than just home scents. Alalela is timelessness, tradition, respect for traditions, a homage to the founder's origins, and olfactory memories with an ethical and sustainable lifestyle.
Well-being and respect for nature are part of the commitments of ALALELA's founder as her essence as a black African woman.​​​​​​​​
Scenting your interiors with the scents of nature. ​​​​​​​​

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