Baseyra is a women-led, socially responsible, Indian lifestyle brand that offers a range of home decor products designed to reflect your personality and aesthetic. The brand name, which means "abode" in Hindi, reflects the idea of home, a place where we feel safe, comfortable, and relaxed. We offer a unique blend of contemporary aesthetics and traditional Indian arts and crafts. We are also proud to be part of a growing movement towards a more conscious and mindful way of living.

The pandemic has forced many of us to re-evaluate our consumeristic life choices and become more aware of the impact of our actions on the environment. Baseyra aims to address these by offering products that are sustainable, upcycled, and made from environment-friendly materials, and we are also trying to achieve a zero-waste policy.

The brand prioritises supporting traditional Indian artisans, who have been disproportionately affected by technological advancements and demand for cheap and fast fashion brands. We do our bit to promote India’s rich heritage by working with skilled artisans and using traditional techniques to create products that are both timeless and contemporary.


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