Bilge Sirket Ceramics Sculptures

Hand Built Ceramic Bust - Emotional Red

Seeking calmness but you can't find it. There are calm moments.This female sculpture gave me hours of calmnessSeeking excitement but you can't find it. It comes when you stop looking for it.This female sculpture gave me hours of excitement.When you look at her hope you will remember that.There is calmnessThere is excitementHand Shaped - Naturally air dried - Fired in a ceramic kiln - Glazed - Fired againABOUT THIS ARTWORK: CLASSIFICATION, TECHNIQUES & STYLESCeramicsSculpture technique using as raw material a malleable Earth which can have different color then cooked to increase its solidity.ClaySculpture technique using as a raw material a malleable soil that can have different colors.FigurativeFigurative and colorful painting having taken the liberty of including all forms of art without border of cultural genre and geographic origin, without hierarchy of values between high and subculture.Technic SculptureSculpture is an artistic activity which consists of designing and producing shapes in volume, in relief, either in the round (statuary), in high relief, in low relief, by modeling, by direct carving, by welding or assembly. The term sculpture also designates the object resulting from this activity.
Audience: Unisex
Colour: Multi-Coloured
Condition: New
Dimensions (cm): 34*5*32
Home Decor - Room: Living Room
Home Decor - Wall art: Sculpture
Home Decor Type: Home Furnishings & Accessories
Interest: Crafts
Location of Origin: Rest of Europe
Material type: Ceramic
Occasion: Everyday
Style: Modern
Weight (g): 3000

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