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"The Birth of Our Planet Earth - Pass On The Little Blue Ball" Children's book, by Len Guardino

Books and Accessories for children.About “The Birth Of Our Planet Earth – Pass On The Little Blue Ball”“The Birth Of Our Planet Earth – Pass On The Little Blue Ball” by Len Guardino, Author and Illustrator – First Edition (Soft Cover-Book) is a children’s book introducing Earth science. Earth science is always changing what we know about our Earth. Creating a fun and positive experience, “The Birth Of Our Planet Earth – Pass On The Little Blue Ball” contains illustrations and simple story lines for children that shares the story of how our universe began, how Earth formed, and in simple terms addresses the appearance of plants, creatures and people. The story ends by kindly teaching children they have a responsibility to care for and pass on the treasures of our planet Earth to the next generation.This sweet story provides room for parents to answer questions according to their own belief. The story shares a message that all people must “Pass On The Little Blue Ball” in a beautiful condition. Our companion T-shirts share the message and make the learning experience for early school-aged children positive and fun.School-aged children already enrolled in school and children just learning about words will love the fascinating story about our Earth! “The Birth Of Our Planet Earth – Pass On The Little Blue Ball” will stimulate children’s wonderful and inquisitive imaginations and encourage learning about the environment. The book makes reading a joy for children.Children will love sharing their new message of passing on our beautiful Planet Earth to others! Our companion T-shirts expand the fun! Made of soft ring spun cotton, they are fun to wear, gentle on your skin, and a great way to share this sweet message with your child!Shop the companion T-shirts here: and here: for educators, librarians, and parents or guardians about analyzed reading level results:Educators, librarians, parents and guardians familiar with formal reading levels may use the following to help children enjoy this book:ATOS analyzed “The Birth Of Our Planet Earth – Pass On The Little Blue Ball” by Len Guardino, with the following results: ATOS Book Level 4.0, (Confirmation No. 1936733). This book level corresponds to GRL* (Guided Reading Level): P-Q; GRGL* (Guided Reading Grade Level: 3rd grade through 5th grade; AR (Accelerated Reader – student independent reading levels): 3rd grade (advanced) through 4th grade (beginner). (* From the Fountas & Pinnell Guided Reading Leveling System). We find that early learning and enrolled children all enjoy this book.
Audience: Kids & Babies
Colour: White
Condition: New
Dimensions (cm): 20.32 x 20.32
Home Decor - Gardening: Outdoor Toys
Home Decor - Room: Living Room
Home Decor - Stationery: Notebooks & Journals
Home Decor Type: Other Home Décor
Interest: Gardener
Location of Origin: United States of America
Material type: Other
Occasion: Everyday
Style: Modern
Weight (g): 232.47
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