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With freshwater scarcity becoming an ever-growing topic of concern, how we interact, collect and store fresh water is something everyone should be conscious about.

Water has become an increasing problem around the world, with poorer communities most badly affected. In order to build resilience against climate change and to serve our ever-growing population, an integrated and inclusive global approach must be taken to manage waters finite resource.

Currently, on average a cosmetic beauty product contains 60% to 80% of added water (aqua) in some it's formulations, in products such as hair moisturisers, cleansers, liquid shampoo and conditioners shower gels, etc. Wherever water is used and stored in cosmetic products, the environmental impact on post-use will be a key part of a water-conscious future ensuring that ingredients can be returned to water sources without posing a risk to aquatic and human life.

Curly Mane and Co hand produce all our cosmetic products on site, our products do not contain any added water (aqua) other than what’s naturally contained in the plant, Instead, it’s replaced with saturated, potent, and concentrated plant base organic and natural ingredients that provide you with a more powerful continuous surge of moisture retainment and nourishment to your hair, face, and body.

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XXL, XL and Mini Candy Pink Velvet Touch Satin Scrunchie
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