Luna Rae

10mm Bead Bracelet

Handmade, sustainable, fashionable jewelry and accessories to guide wearers on their journey toward meditation, mindfulness, wellness, and self-discovery.10mm size beads. Stretch Bracelet is not adjustable.Types of beads:Blue ApatiteCarnelianDragon's BloodDream AmethystGreen JadeHowliteKambaba JasperLarvakiteObsidianQue SeraRed JasperRhodoniteRose QuartzOcean JasperSmoky QuartzThese bracelets are made by hand, please allow for variations. Due to the unique nature of each stone, your item may vary slightly from the picture shown. The stones are natural, allow for imperfections which may include growth marks and/or surface scratches. Little cracks or marring are a natural part of the stone. All items are cleansed with sound before being shipped.
Audience: Unisex
Beauty & Other Accessories: Wellness
Colour: Multi-Coloured
Condition: New
Interest: Fashion Lover
Location of Origin: United States of America
Material subtype (Gemstone): Other Gemstone
Material type: Gemstone
Occasion: Everyday
Style: Classic
Weight (g): 26

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