The Luxurious Heart Box

HEART BOX. The Heart box is an ode to the biological organ, the "cor" ("heart" in Latin). Even back in ancient Egypt it already aroused the curiosity of the greatest doctors and scribes. This luxury lingerie set made in France is produced in very small units by the greatest French luxury artisans with prestigious materials and imagined like a work of art. (with systematic sorting and recycling of factory waste).Giving this box as a gift, is proof of the depth of your feelings. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ DESCRIPTION: Luxury white/gold lingerie set, consisting of three pieces, is made in an irreversible pleated fabric, and is adorned with exclusive Heart jewels with ancient symbolism, anodised in 24 carat gold. The combination of the “V” shape on the stomach, the partial revealing of a breast, and the positioning of the Heart jewel of the headband across the forehead guarantees a sophisticated & ancient sensuality. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ THE BONUS OF THE MODEL : •The elegant and partial unveiling of the "heart side" breast combined with a unique overall shape, for a set worthy of an •The exclusive jewels of this set, which comply with EEC standards, were polished by hand, after being treated with high-end finishes. The Heart jewel has undergone anodization known as PVD (Physical vapour deposition) on a stainless steel base to the tune of 0.3 microns of 24 carat gold. The Pyramid buttons have been galvanized with Zamak - 0.2 microns in a 24 carat gold bath. •Designed as a trompe l'oeil, these briefs form only one piece, structured in 2 parts permanently fixed to each other (making them easy to wear and perfectly position on the body). •Smooth and stretchy white microfiber woven from recycled fibres •The headband can be used separately on an elegant summer evening. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ TECHNICAL DESCRIPTION : The bag-box measures 33/35/8.5cmThe Heart jewel weighs 46g and measures 9.5/7.5/2.5cm The Heart clasp weighs 48g and measures 5.8/9/1cm (closed) •The headband can be used separately on an elegant summer evening. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ This box contains : the bag box and its ribbon + the comic strip fairy tale + 2 TNT travel pouches +[the headband + the bra + the panties]. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ DETAILS : The pleated fabric is made of 100% polyester & the lining fabric is 84% polyamide and 16% in France - Registered model © CARE : Hand wash (cold) Do not dry clean Professional cleaning with water, very moderate process. Sizes of the set: The bra and briefs are available in size S and in size M. The headband is one size, so no need to worry! The sets cannot be mixed and matched (the tops and bottoms are sold as a single-size set).
Audience: Women
Beauty & Other Accessories: Gifts
Colour: White
Condition: New
Interest: Fashion Lover
Location of Origin: France
Material subtype (Fabric): Other
Material type: Fabric
Occasion: Christmas
Style: Retro

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