The Luxurious Trap Box

The "Trap" box is an ode to the secret pleasure of being trapped in a web of feeling. In ancient times, the aranea ("spider" in Latin) symbolized female creative energy and mastery of the architecture of one’s own destiny.This luxury lingerie set "made in France" is produced in very small units by the greatest French luxury artisans with prestigious materials and imagined like a work of art. (with systematic sorting and recycling of factory waste).Giving this box as a gift means admitting a secret pleasure in loving dependency. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ DESCRIPTION : This luxury lingerie set made in France and made up of three pieces, has been designed like a spider web that envelops you, thanks to a prestigious and soft contemporary and stretch lace, named "Calais-Caudry®". •It is adorned with exclusive jewels with ancient symbolism, sometimes anodized, sometimes galvanized with 24-carat gold, then sealed at the back by the official brand clasp, whose ingenuity offers support that never fails. •The combination of the V-shape on the stomach and the position of the headband jewel on the forehead guarantee sophisticated and ancient sensuality. The cut evokes the fashionable clothing shapes of Ancient Egypt, appreciated by Roman high society. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ THE BONUS OF THE MODEL : •The deliberately open stitching and the spider-like pattern of the lace provide a daring transparency. •This stretch and openwork lace, which carries the prestigious Calais-Caudry® label, was woven in France on Leavers looms, in secular workshops in the north of the country, and provides a modern interpretation of the pattern of a spider web. •The exclusive jewels of this set, which comply with EEC standards, were polished by hand, after being treated with high-end finishes. •The Large Web jewel has undergone anodization known as PVD (Physical vapour deposition) on a stainless-steel base to the tune of 0.3 microns of 24 carat gold. The clasp and Pyramid buttons have been galvanized with Zamak - 0.2 microns in a 24-carat gold bath. •Designed as a trompe l'oeil, these briefs form only one piece, structured in 2 parts permanently fixed to each other (making them easy to wear and perfectly position on the body). A row of buttons enhances the subtle shape of the buttocks. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ TECHNICAL DESCRIPTION : The bag-box(for the luxurious box) measures 33/35/8.5cm The Large Web jewel weighs 23g and measures 5.6cm in diameter and 0.6cm in thickness. The Heart clasp weighs 48g and measures 5.8/9/1cm (closed) _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ THIS BOX CONTAINS : the bag box and its ribbon + the comic strip fairy tale + +1 TNT travel pouches + [the headband + the bra + the panties]. The “spider-web” fabric is composed of 87% polyamide and 13% elastane Wash cold Textile certified by the weaver as being labelled ECOGRIFFE ® - Manufactured in France - Registered model ©
Audience: Women
Beauty & Other Accessories: Gifts
Colour: Black
Condition: New
Interest: Fashion Lover
Location of Origin: France
Material subtype (Fabric): Other
Material type: Fabric
Occasion: Christmas
Style: Retro

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