The Phryne Box

The "Phryne" box is an ode to the power of beauty. This luxury lingerie set made in France is produced in very small units by the greatest French luxury artisans with prestigious materials and imagined like a work of art (with systematic sorting and recycling of factory waste). Legendary courtesan of ancient Greece, officially tried for impiety (but unofficially for having participated financially in the city’s affairs) Phryne was acquitted, after her defence lawyer suddenly removed her dress and exposed her naked breast to the jury. Giving this box as a gift is a stylish declaration of fascination. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ DESCRIPTION : The advantage of the Phryne set is that it is entirely manufactured in France in black ebony Microtencel, an eco-responsible fabric known for its softness and woven from eucalyptus cellulose. Its sophistication when worn results from its richness: the “electro” version headband, the bra, the low-waisted briefs, the pair of socks and for the premium box version (only the bra + the brief). The wearing comfort of this set is ensured by a clever combination of woven jacquard elastic, whose decorative power is assured by the nobility of the gold and black colours. The gold stretch piping, which runs through different areas of this sport-luxury set, delicately defines the contours of the model. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ THE BONUS OF THE MODEL : • The sock is woven with jacquard, black and gold lurex threads, in the region of New Aquitaine by a workshop that holds the French “Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant” heritage label awarded by the Minister of Finance and Industry. This unisex pair of socks is available in 3 sizes. •Eco-friendly Microtencel, requiring only half an acre of eucalyptus forest for the production of a ton of fibre and no special irrigation and devoid of any substances which are harmful or toxic to nature and man. European weaver that guarantees complete energy autonomy through 460Kw of solar panels. This equates to a 400-tonne reduction of Co2 emissions per year •The Phryné briefs elegantly reveal the buttocks at the back, thanks to an unprecedented cut that showcases toned muscles. This model is full of cheek!•The Phryné bra is skilfully sealed by a shiny black version of the brand’s official clasp. Its ingenious system will guarantee you a closure that never fails.•The elastic band is woven jacquard & down inside, so that the shiny gold lurex threads are only present on the outside. The sophistication of this model is enhanced by the combination of the "electrocardiogram" motif (evoking a loving heart racing) with the "Declamatuus" motif. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ TECHNICAL DESCRIPTION : The bag-box (= the luxurious box) measures 33/35/8.5cm - The premium box measures 20/18/3cm _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ THE LUXURIOUS BOX CONTAINS : the bag box and its ribbon + the comic strip fairy tale + 1 TNT travel pouches [headband + bra + briefs + pair of socks] _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ THE PREMIUM BOX CONTAINS : 1 foil parcels + 1TNT travel pouches + [the bra + the brief] _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ DETAILS : jersey 92%, cly(microtencel) 8%, el(elastane). Wash cold. The bra and briefs are available in S, M, L. The headband is one size. The socks are available in S, M, L. The sock is delivered in the size chosen for the set (If this does not suit you, you can send us an email with the size of your preference) see size table! - Registered model ©
Audience: Women
Beauty & Other Accessories: Gifts
Colour: Black
Condition: New
Interest: Fashion Lover
Location of Origin: France
Material subtype (Fabric): Other
Material type: Fabric
Occasion: Christmas
Style: Retro

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