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Natural nails files #1, #2 duo

£65.75 £69.50
Diamancel fine grit nail file #1 and medium grit nail file #2 designed for natural nails.This duo is ideal for the maintenance of natural nails of the hands of a normal thickness.Diamancel advises to use these natural nails hand files in the following order:- flexible medium grit nail file # 2 designed for filing the natural nails. - flexible fine grit nail file # 1 designed for finishing the natural nails, it allows a soft and concise finish. This nail file is also designed to file fragile, soft, thin and brittle natural nails. At this point, Diamancel advises you to use it alone in daily use. The advantages of Diamancel nail files: durable, efficient, easy to use, safe for your nails, professional quality, washable and sanitary. MAINTENANCE:Our nail files work better when they are cleaned. Wash them often with soapy water with a soft brush, then rince them with water. Dry before storing.
Audience: Unisex
Beauty & Other Accessories: Skin & Body Care
Colour: Pink
Condition: New
Dimensions (cm): 18
Interest: Pamper & Comfort
Location of Origin: Canada
Material subtype (Gemstone): Diamond
Material type: Other
Occasion: Everyday
Special - Beauty: Hand & Nail Sets
Special - Men's Grooming: Men's Bath & Body
Special - Skin & Body: Hand & Foot Care
Style: Classic
Weight (g): 40
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    66 Avenue des Champs Élysées. 
    75008 Paris. France

    Warehouse address (to use if return): 
    32 Route de Châteauneuf.
    16290 Hiersac.

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