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Abdulrahman H. Albarrak Fashion EST. (“KIINAXY”), company number 1010893422, is Introducing a luxurious limited and sporty pieces in the GCC, KIINAXY is a creative name which combined of 2 words, KIN means one’s family and relations, by adding one more letter ( I ) which emphasize the relation of 2 persons, AXY has been taken from accy, it is the abbreviation for accessory. KIINAXY is reinventing a whole new modern approach to fashion. Under the vision of creative director and designer Abdulrahman.H Albarrak, the brand has redefined luxury for the past 2 years, further reinforcing its position as one of the smallest, fastest desirable fashion brands among Middle Eastern. Diverse, Modern, Exotic—KIINAXY products represent the sharp, extrovert, modern luxury international and GCC craftsmanship for their quality and attention to detail.

KIINAXY is has its own focus on the development of a series of renowned Houses in Fashion, Leather Goods, Jewellery and Watches.

The brand is expanding in boutiques in the Capital of Saudi Arabia and soon moving internationally starting with Dubai, UAE. 

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