Ivana Ezel

Small family business from Croatia.
Devoted wool advocate and lover of everything woolen.
Wool is inspiring us in so many good and not a single bad way. 
Ever since we started playing with wool, some 5 years back, we never stopped playing.
Working with wool is complex, time consuming, dirty, smelly, dusty and still beautiful. 
We love every single second spent imersed in wool magic.

Art rugs. We like to call each and single piece we make art as it is unique, one of a kind and simply impossible to replicate. We make them by hand, invest tens of hours of work in them.
They are imperfect in shape: oval is never perfectly oval, round is never perfectly round...

We offer 4 types or fugs:
1. "Sheep skin" rugs - they are not really skin, yet we replicate what is suppose to be skin with dry felted  mat background as a way to keep sheep locks together. 

2. Felted rugs - rugs that are felted in dry felting technique, using natural colour of wool be it off-white, grey or brown. Sometimes we experiment with coloured wool to create special vivid designs. 
Shapes vary from standard round, oval or rectangular to all sorts of uneven shapes inspired by imagination.
Thickness depends on a design and size of the rug somewhere from 1-5cm.

3. Rugs made of a combination of previously mentioned two types of rugs where we use dry felted mat as a base and sheep lock as a design.

4. Weave rugs - small size rugs made with known technique using diy tools.

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Peacock art rug

Peacock art rug


Super Star art rug

Super Star art rug


Orange sheep rug

Orange sheep rug



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