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Faux Lily Calla Stems

This stem is brought to you by the world leader in faux flowers, you would never know the difference, they are used for film premieres, the oscars and many prestigious occassions.The calla provides the festive touch in a bouquet. The special shape of this flower is a real eye-catcher. The shape of the flower resembles a calyx that dates back to ancient times, which is why the calla is also called a pitcher plant.Stem Length 74 cm
Audience: Women
Colour: White
Condition: New
Dimensions (cm): Stem Length 74 cm
Home Decor - Furnishings: Decorative Accessories
Home Decor - Room: Living Room
Interest: Gardener
Location of Origin: Rest of Europe
Material type: Fabric
Occasion: Everyday
Style: Modern

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