Ralph’s Orchard

london, united kingdom

Crystal Pear and Apple candles with Clove, Honey & Musk scent


Elegant lidded crystal bowls with our new Wellness scent. Opening with Clove, Honey, Peach and Pepper, leading to Jasmine, Muguet, Rose and Ylang, and an Amber, Musk and Patchouli finish.

Apple - 2 wicks and burn time of 40 hours (10cm width x 6cm height without lid, 14cm height with lid)

Pear - 1 wick and burn time of 28 hours  (9cm width x 6cm height without lid, 15cm height with lid)

Please refer to our tips for safely burning candles and wax melts in your home: https://www.ralphsorchard.com/pages/candle-burning-safety-tips

  • Ethical scented up-cycled glassware candles made from pure, healthier and more sustainable rapeseed and soy wax and cruelty-free, eco-friendly ingredients. Perfect gifts for eco-conscious folks from Ralph's Orchard.

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