grez-doiceau, belgium


A neckerchief to make you stand from the crowd showing majestic horses with different nuances of green, beige and brown. Perfect for tying around your neck, your arm or handbag.The neckerchief model is representing different types of horses and is the perfect accessory to finish off your outfit. A serious glamour in your grasp !Luxury silk neckerchief with hand roll hemming crafted by artisans from Italy
Audience: Women
Beauty & Other Accessories: Gifts
Colour: Green
Condition: As new
Dimensions (cm): 45X45
Interest: Fashion Lover
Location of Origin: Rest of Europe
Material subtype (Fabric): Silk
Material type: Other
Occasion: Everyday
Special - Accessories: Scarves
Style: Bespoke
Weight (g): 0.3
  • At the heart of our brand stands the power of self-expression & individuality of both ladies & gentlemen. Our scarves are, beyond fashion accessories, a canvas for personal creativity. Each scarf is a masterpiece, carefully designed in Belgium and crafted in Italy. Our scarves and pocket squares are made exclusively from natural silk, the most luxurious and timeless fabric. We protect the fragile fabric of the world through our green craft. We stand for hope, comfort, nature, balance, delicacy, elegance & grace. We are creating a secret and enchanted universe for every woman and man who wears our accessories. We design to embody beauty, charm, nature and fantasy.

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