Ortho puzzle mix 10

"Assorted 10" is a set of modular rugs that consist of various relief elements. Each module is made in pastel color and has a unique surface. This mix uses the "Crab" module with high relief.Recommended for children from 1 year old.The number of modules in the mix is 10 pcs.The set consists of:Module "Sunflower" (soft) - the surface of the module is a combination of soft blades of grass along the perimeter of the carpet and a pattern in the form of a sunflower from the ears, gradually rising to the center.Module "Ocean" (hard) - the surface of the module consists of massage elements that perfectly imitate the inhabitants of the ocean depths and help to completely immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the underwater world.Module «Seabead» (hard) — the surface of the module consists of a variety of shapes and reliefs: shells, seahorses, starfish, corals.Module "Crab" (soft) - yellow (as in the Russian Federation mix 10 assorted) - - a sea crab is placed on the surface of this module. Now you do not need to go to the sea or the ocean so that your child can study the sea crab in detail, since the relief of the "Crab" module fully reflects the relief of the shell of this marine life, and small circles, needles, dots and droplets located on it allow your the child to develop fine motor skills in the process of playing / exercising on this rug.The "Pebbles" module (hard) is a pleasant springy surface with large massage elements. The surface of the module is covered with moderately hard smooth stones, some of which imitate convex footprints of children's feet.Module "Cacti" (hard) - the surface of the module is covered with needles of different heights and sizesModule "Cones" (soft) - the surface of the module is covered with large massage elements, as similar as possible to a forest cone.Module "Spikes" (hard) - the surface of the module is covered with spikes arranged in a circle and gradually increasing in height from the edge of the mat to the center. The relief of the carpet resembles a hemisphere.Module "Sea wave" (soft) - the ribbed springy surface of the module imitates small waves with foam crests.“Sea reef” module (soft) — the surface of the module consists of soft massage elements: round and ribbed corals, as well as algae from spikes.
Audience: Kids & Babies
Colour: Multi-Coloured
Condition: New
Interest: Fitness & Wellbeing
Location of Origin: Rest of Europe
Material type: Rubber
Occasion: Everyday
Style: Modern

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