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Abundance and Grounding Ring

Retraining your brain to easily think positively can be difficult but having a physical object with you, like one of my tokens, to which you can mentally attach your affirmations, can help you stay focused on those affirmations by being reminded of them often throughout your day. This act of focusing is an act of self love and the more you do it the more natural it will become for those positive thoughts to flow to you, even in the darker times.All aspects of my rings are carefully considered. Not only are the flowers carefully chosen for their sentimental meanings but the enamel technique I use creates a stained glass effect and they therefore get even more beautiful when you hold them up to the light. In the same way our lives feel brighter when you look closely and see each individual small positive moment throughout your day.This beautiful ring, which is inspired by the delicate, golden Marsh Marigold flower, symbolizes abundance and grounding. When you put it on, or someone remarks on it, it will be the perfect reminder to ground yourself, draw your focus to the abundance in your life and how much you have to be grateful for. I love the following affirmations to help focus on abundance and grounding:"I gratefully accept all the abundance in my life""My spirit is grounded deep in the earth. I am calm, strong and centered."All pieces are secured to a card which has a matching watercolour flower design on the front and these affirmations on the back so that you can reflect back on them at any time.DETAILS:Each of the affirmation rings are hand cut from a sheet of sterling silver and hand enamelled using vitreous enamels and the plique-à-jour technique. For more on vitreous enamels please see the FAQ's page. Each ring measures approximately 10mm in width and is approximately 1.2mm thick.They are available in sizes:K1/2 (US 5 3/8)N1/2 (US 6 3/4)Q1/2 (US 8 1/4)For alternative sizes please email info@disinctlycaitlindesigns.comAll pieces are handmade and therefore do not have a machine made, uniform finish. The hand of the maker is evident in each piece to guarantee authenticity of a manual process. This is a charming inherent character of a handcrafted item, and will not impact on the integrity, beauty or quality of the finished token.---Lifestyle photos by Pattie Fellowes Photography and Dresses by @sondeflor
Audience: Women
Colour: Yellow
Condition: New
Interest: Gardener
Jewellery category: Demi-Fine Jewellery
Jewellery size (Rings): UK N 1/2; EU 54 (mm)
Jewellery Type: Rings
Jewellery Type - Rings: Other Ring
Location of Origin: France
Material subtype (Metal): 925 Sterling Silver
Material type: Metal
Occasion: Other
Style: Classic

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