Actively develop youth scientific activities, become a young pioneer exploring the wonders of science


Artist: Jin Guiquan

Year: 1960

Publisher: Shanghai People's Fine Art Publishing House

Size (mm): 527x764

Condition: Excellent, some small tears to margins. Printed on cheap paper stock, discolouration due to age

Young Pioneers or Red Scarves with model planes in the 1950sThe Zhongguo shaonian xianfeng dui or China Young Pioneers movement, founded on 13 October 1949, was a youth organisation for children aged between six and fourteen. The red scarf was the only item of uniform worn; members are commonly referred to as honglingjin, or Red Scarves. The organisation's constitution states that the scarf symbolises the blood sacrificed by martyrs of the revolution, and should therefore be worn with pride. In this poster the children are portrayed experimenting with radio technology and model-building, with a view to their personal development and future contribution to the nation. (image source)


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