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hang zhou, china

Ancient Yun Qing Dynasty Old Jade Butterfly Love Flower with Seal Green Pine and 24K Gold Red Pearl Charm Mobile Accessory

This is a very beautiful tassel mobile hanger. The main pendant is a Qing Dynasty old jade butterfly love flower inlaid with 18K small pendent. This jade is delicate and from a very good year. In terms of design, it is a very beautiful combination of natural green pine and natural tourmaline colour. The other side is covered with 24K pure gold flower surface and red pearl, coupled with emerald green tassel, soft and smart. It can be hung as a bag or mobile accessory. Size of Jade: 22.8*4*21mmSize of Tourmaline: 7.2*7.2*3mmSize of Green Pine: 6*5.5*6mmSize of Pearl: 7*6.5*4.5mmDiameter of Red Bead: 6.3mmDiameter of Gold bead: 2.5mm
Audience: Unisex
Colour: Green
Condition: New
Interest: Crafts
Jewellery category: Fine Jewellery
Jewellery Type: Pendants
Material subtype (Gemstone): Jade
Material type: Gemstone
Occasion: Everyday
Style: Bespoke
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