Rays of Jade Design Studio

hang zhou, china

Beautiful Antique Jade decorated with 18K Gold Pendant and Tianyu white Jade Necklace

This is a very elegant antique jade pendant. This old jade magpie is from the Qing Dynasty. Open the door to Dai. The jade is delicate and shiny. The carving is exquisite. With 18K gold inlaid plum blossom. It means happiness. The overall look is soft and elegant, looks like you are wearing a very ancient yet trendy fashion taste.Size: 19.5 * 5 * 45.5mm (including buckle)
Audience: Women
Colour: Gold
Condition: Antique
Interest: Fashion Lover
Jewellery category: Fine Jewellery
Jewellery Type: Necklaces
Material subtype (Gemstone): Jade
Material subtype (Metal): 18k Gold
Material type: Gemstone
Occasion: Everyday
Style: Bespoke
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