Sûr Glam

Béyond Glow | Vegan Collagen Booster with Prebiotics Powder


2-IN-1 to boost skin and gut health. 

A vegan collagen booster with antioxidant support from a proprietary beauty blend of Champagne grape seed extract, French melon, zinc, and vitamin C for a complete action on skin radiance.

Clinically proven to boost own collagen production and protect it from oxidative degradation -- improve skin elasticity and skin radiance. 

Added with patented okra (lady’s fingers) and prebiotics to help boost your daily greens intake while balancing your gut microbiome for better digestive functions. 

It gives a smooth and refreshing tropical passion fruit juice taste with 100% passion fruit juice powder as the base. No artificial flavor, synthetic color, and artificial sweetener. 

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