Nataliia Horbenko

london, united kingdom

Black & white dream catcher. Large boho dream catcher. Tree of Life with Yin Yang Spirtual Influence – Decorative Wall Hanging Accent Sign

Black & white dream catcher. Large boho dream catcher. Tree of Life with Yin Yang Spirtual Influence – Decorative Wall Hanging Accent SignMy family is delighted to present the first car dreamcatcher from our new collection – Yin Yang Spirtual Influence Dreamcatcher.Such an amulet is an unusual gift for your better half or simply a pleasant buy for your family.A solid wood hoop is wrapped with a black Leather, woven with black Black & white tree of life with gemstone agate Product height – 102 cm (40 inches)Yin Yang Tree of Life Ring – 26.5 cm (10.24 inches)Ring white size – 15.5 cm (5.91 inches)Small black ring – 9.5 cm (3.54 inches)Materials of what the Yin Yang wire Tree of life dreamcatcher is made ofwooden rings,agate gemstone,wire,ceramic beads,glass beads,wood beads,plastic beads,leather,synthetic thread,feathers Agate is one of the mystical talisman stones. The name comes from the name of the Achates River in Sicily, where this mineral, a kind of chalcedony, was found for a long time. Agate is the stone of the planets Saturn and Neptune in the signs of the earth. Agate is associated with the zodiac sign Taurus. It is considered the mascot of May. Agate protects against the evil eye and poisons, gives its owner longevity and health. White and yellow agate promotes kindness, softness, inner calmness and confidence.AgateIn ancient times, it was considered a talisman against sorcerers and vampires. It was dedicated to the goddess Pomona, the patroness of crops and gardening. This is the talisman of honest toilers, farmers and gardeners. Black agate is a male mascot. It protects from danger and evil forces, but it evokes sadness. Black agates were especially appreciated in medieval Europe. This type of stone gives power over evil forces, and therefore serves as a talisman. But at the same time, agate can plunge the owner into sadness.Layered agates endow men with love charms. Healers gave the patient, tormented by thirst, to hold the agate in his mouth, which was supposed to alleviate his suffering. Moss agate promoted the harvest and guarded against atrocities. True, it was not recommended to give it as a love talisman. Many peoples had the idea that agate facilitates childbirth.
Audience: Unisex
Colour: Black
Condition: New
Dimensions (cm): 102
Interest: Crafts
Location of Origin: United States of America
Material subtype (Gemstone): Other Gemstone
Material type: Gemstone
Occasion: Birthday
Style: Experimental


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