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Brighten My Days Set


It's the season of fun, vacations, and outdoor activities, ....but also sunburns!

This is why we're offering you this sweet deal!

The Brighten My Days Set is a perfect way to invigorate the look and feel of your skin. This brightening natural skin care set contains the essentials your skin needs for a daily complexion brightening routine, with powerful brightening natural oil blends that help restoring your natural skin tone, and bringing out your skin's inner glow!  Get the best of what nature has to offer, and start your journey to glowing skin with this set today!

The set contains:

1- Zesty Fresh soap with shea butter and organic lemon oil

2- Brighten my Days serum with lemon oil, argan oil, and frankincense oil

3- Raw ivory grade A shea butter

Gently cleanses, helps soothing sunburns, brightens and evens-out skin tone, for a healthy and fresh looking complexion!

Get this set now with free delivery in Jordan!

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