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Classic Slipper - Black with Leather


Soft, light and warm 100% wool slipper in a slip-on style with a low heel cap and suede sole. Designed for men and women and made of New Zealand wool, they will keep your feet warm and dry year round.

The wool still contains natural lanolin, which repels dirt and odor. They are very comfortable to wear with bare feet with the added benefits of regulating temperature and absorbing moisture. The extra thickness in the sole makes for a very comfortable shoe to wear around the house.

They are lightweight, durable and easy to take care of. Just air them out and vacuum occasionally.

  • Danish Design, Nepali Handicraft and Fair Trade certified wool felt slippers made in Betterfelt's own workshop in Kathmandu, Nepal.

    Betterfelt started in Denmark selling hand made Fair Trade products made in Nepal. The Nepalese production company is owned by the owners of Betterfelt, Jakob Lykke and Liz Wirth, and their Nepali partner Sabina Matangi.

    All of our products are a fusion of Danish design and Nepali craftmanship and are hand felted and made in our workshop in Kathmandu, Nepal.

    Thomas Glerup worked with wool felt for nearly two decades and started producing wool felt products in Nepal as a development project when he was part owner of Glerups. Betterfelt was founded by Thomas Glerup out of that development project.

    Common to all of our designs is the Danish tradition of simplicity and practicality.

    The continuous development in Nepal has led to very high quality and comfortable footwear. Betterfelt has been creating sustainable employment for over a decade, and developed both capital and knowledge in Nepal.

    And you can help us create even more work and development in the country. Every time you buy a pair of shoes, you have paid half a day's salary to an employee at the workshop.

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