simi valley, united states

Jeweled Lacey Knit Necklace/Shawl

Designer: Handmade By California Artist. There is nothing like Hand-Knit! No store bought, manufactured and massed produce accessory can compare with something that takes several hours to knit and is made by hand. Jeweled ribboned yarn and sequined thread unite to create this mini neck shawl (worn more like a necklace). It is Knit loosely with an intricate pattern that resembles a lacy-look and somewhat vintage in style. Patterned from Hollywood movies and the romance of Parisian summer nights, this delicate scarf gently drapes the shoulders and sits stunningly on the lower part of the upper back. Perfect for strapless dresses as a light wrap or to add elegance to anything you wear. Necklace/Shawl shown is a mix of gold, black, and white colors. Beautiful for a night out, party indoors and the holidays! This lovely accessory is so very unique and can be worn many ways. A hand-knit, timeless treasure. Also currently available in a mixture of black, gold, and white silky ribbons. Can be Made to Order in several colors.
Audience: Women
Beauty & Other Accessories: Other Accessories
Colour: Gold
Condition: New
Dimensions (cm): Shipping Package Size: Width 23, Height 10, Length 23, Girth 36
Interest: Fashion Lover
Location of Origin: United States of America
Material subtype (Fabric): Silk
Material type: Fabric
Occasion: Christmas
Special - Accessories: Scarves
Style: Classic
Weight (g): 85
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