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Delive Rug

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nveil an avant-garde essence in your home with the Delive Rug. Characterized by its unique patchwork design, this cowhide rug stands as a paradigm of contemporary art and classic elegance. Every piece is handcrafted, mirroring a blend of tradition and innovation. Its genuine cowhide construction assures authenticity, while the promise of durability and skid resistance amplifies its functional allure.


  • Size: All sizes indicated measure from the fur side. Note: There might be a 2-3 cm length difference.
  • Components: 1 Genuine Delive Rug
  • Material: Authentic 100% Natural Cowhide
  • Craftsmanship: Artisanal Expertise Ensures Unparalleled Quality
  • Durability: An embodiment of lasting elegance and resilience
  • Features: Skid Resistance for secure footing

Features & Benefits

  • Patchwork Panache: The Delive Rug's unique patchwork design transforms spaces into modern sanctuaries.
  • Authentic Allure: Every step on this 100% genuine cowhide rug resonates with natural charm.
  • Artisan Excellence: Handmade precision underscores a dedication to craft and quality.
  • Versatile Aesthetic: Its neutral palette and patchwork design make it a harmonious fit for varied décor themes.
  • Safety Pledged: Skid-resistant backing ensures that every footfall is steadfast and confident.


  • @LINKORI believe life also is fashion and the quality is the first.

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