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Eagle Roman Numeral Bracelets


The Eagle Roman Numeral set exudes elegance and modernity, creating a luxurious look when combined with three bracelets for a confident fashion statement. Crafted from high-polished Green, Blue, Gold, or Black plated stainless steel and Tiger Eye Stone. These water-resistant bracelets guarantee lasting durability and color retention, ensuring they shine in any condition for years.

3 PCs/Set Which Includes:

  • 1 x Eagle with Tiger Eye Bracelet:
    17cm - 22cm (6.7in - 8.7in)

  • 1 x Cable Bangle:
    17cm - 22cm (6.7in - 8.7in)

  • 1 x Roman Bangle:
    18cm - 19cm (7.1in - 7.5in)

  • Alfa-Jewelry | Men's & Women's Luxury Bracelets

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