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Essential Freshness Deodorant


Still using antiperspirants? What are you waiting for! It's time to switch to all-natural. This deodorant is carefully blended with the finest natural ingredients, to provide a long lasting odor-free effect without clogging your skin, and also without using harmful substances.

It is made with shea butter, beewax, tea tree oil, and other essential oils and natural safe ingredients.

The essential oils used are known for their antibacterial effect, which helps eliminating the smelly smells, leaving you feeling refreshed. 

Lemon oil helps keeping skin from developing those annoying dark spots. Isn't that a nice bonus?

This product is aluminum free, paraben free, alcohol free, sodium bicarbonate free. Some of these ingredients are commonly found in natural deodorants, but can sometimes cause reactions or discomfort for those who use them. For that reason we created this blend without these ingredients, but still, with a long lasting effect that gets you through your day comfortably and worriless.

*Contains perfume. If you need it perfume-free contact us at any time.

How to Use:

Twist the little wheel at the base of the stick, apply two-three strokes on clean armpits to make sure the area is fully covered with a thin layer of the product. It's preferred to leave at least a few minutes before you put on your shirt.


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