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Everyday Basics Hood Jacket

Discover the epitome of comfort and style with our Everyday Basics Hood Jacket. Meticulously crafted with a fusion of 95% cotton and 5% spandex, this jacket offers an unparalleled harmony of gentle softness and flexible stretch. From intense workout sessions to laid-back leisure moments, this essential piece effortlessly adapts to your dynamic lifestyle.In line with our unwavering commitment to sustainability, the Basics Hood Jacket stands as a beacon of eco-consciousness. By forgoing traditional swing tags, we embrace a tag-free approach that aligns with our vision for a cleaner, more sustainable planet. Your choice to wear this jacket reflects your dedication to both fashion and the environment.Designed with the distinctive Australian essence, this jacket encapsulates a harmonious blend of urban flair and outdoor spirit. Its versatile design ensures that it's not just a jacket – it's an expression of your personal style, whether you're hitting the trails or meeting friends for a casual hangout.Elevate your activewear collection with the Basics Hood Jacket – a testament to quality, sustainability, and style that resonates with your values. Join us in championing a fashion-forward lifestyle that seamlessly integrates a conscious approach to clothing without compromising on comfort or fashion.
Audience: Women
Colour: Black
Condition: New
Interest: Fitness & Wellbeing
Location of Origin: Australia
Material type: Fabric
Occasion: Everyday
Style: Modern

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