Exceptionally glad tidings


Artist: unknown

Year: 1967

Publisher: unknown

Size (mm): 380x530

Condition: excellent

*note small format see dimensions above*

The poster displays several proposed designs for a new statue of Chairman Mao to be built in Nanchang city, Jiangxi Province. The city is relevant to the Chinese Communist Party as the site of the Nanchang Uprising (1 August 1927), the first major engagement between the Nationalist Kuomintang and Communist forces of the Chinese Civil War. The date of 1 August 1927 is officially recognised as the founding date of the People's Liberation Army.

Text at bottom describes how a committee from Nanchang travelled to Beijing to seek approval from the central government to construct a copper statue of Chairman Mao. Verso of poster (see alternate image) is a public notice to bolster public support for the necessity and historical significance of erecting the statue in Nanchang.

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