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For Grey Hair is an advanced and innovative hair treatment product that restores grey hair back to its original colour using a unique enzymatic formula. For Grey Hair is a transparent liquid and it is not hair dye. It supports the activity of catalase in your hair and easily restores your nice original hair colour, no matter what original colour your hair is. It is a science-based solution, which ensures a gradual transition for grey hair. Works for all hair colours and types. SCIENCE-BASED SOLUTION --> FGH is a transparent liquid (not a hair dye) that we have been developing in our European laboratories for years.ALL HAIR & TYPE COMPATIBLE --> FGH is effective on any hair type, length, and colour. This advanced and innovative hair serum restores your hair completely to its original hair with its unique enzymatic ingredients. Because you will restore your original hair colour from the inside out, you will not experience greying roots as long as you use FGH.SAFETY FIRST --> FGH does not contain any harmful chemicals or substances. We use only high-quality ingredients that do not hurt your skin or your body.
Audience: Men
Beauty & Other Accessories: Beauty
Colour: Transparent
Condition: New
Interest: Fitness & Wellbeing
Location of Origin: Not Selected
Material type: Plastic
Occasion: Everyday
Special - Hair care: Hair Care
Style: Modern
Weight (g): 180
  • BOOS Group was established in 1991. Since then we have become an acknowledged and reliable body & hair cosmetics and food supplements brand, which is selling its products to customers all around the world.

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