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Green brown natural dreamcatcher, Dreamcatcher large Christmas gift for girl, Native American inspired, Large Green Boho jade gemstone dreamcatchers

Green brown natural dreamcatcher, Dreamcatcher large Christmas gift for girl, Native American inspired, Large Green Boho jade gemstone dreamcatchers Whose stone is jade according to the horoscope and zodiac signOnly three signs distinguish jade from all, patronizing and helping them. These are Pisces, Cancer and Aquarius. Jades of any shades, and especially green tones, bring harmony and positive into the life of these signs of the Zodiac. Production time 7-10 working daysvideo green jade treeDeparture from Germany warehouse.Delivery within the Germany 3-6 daysDelivery within the USA 14-16 days Lithotherapy is the science of the effects of minerals on the human body.It has long been established that each mineral to some extent has a biologically active effect. This is written both in ancient sources and in modern scientific works. Treatment with stones optimizes energy flows in the human body, the electromagnetic field of the stone activates metabolic processes, relieves inflammation, and enhances tissue regeneration.Currently, the amazing properties of the stone have attracted the attention of scientists around the world. Research centers are being opened in the USA and Europe, the purpose of which is to study the effects of minerals on the human body.Many centers are training lithotherapists, and around the world an increasing number of people use lithotherapy for health purposes. However, it is worth noting that most doctors consider stone treatment only as a preventive measure or an aid in rehabilitation, and not as a full-fledged medical treatment.What is jade?Jade is composed of the minerals calcium, magnesium and iron. Includes 60 elements of the periodic table.Varieties of jadeColor: predominantly green with various shades, less often white (opaque), watery white (translucent), gray-white, yellowish, reddish, bluish and black.Properties: one of the most viscous minerals. Due to this property, it is very durable – even with a hammer it is not possible to chip. Heats up easily. When heated, it emits waves of a certain long-wave spectrum, penetrating into the human body to a depth of 14-15 cm. Resistant to abrasion and acids.Historical facts about jadeThe name of the stone comes from the Greek “nephros” – “kidney”. The fact is that jade is mined in two ways – from mining and separately in the form of pebbles. Pebbles are the more expensive type of jade and tend to be shaped like human kidneys.The tradition of using jade for therapeutic and prophylactic purposes came to us from ancient China.The history of jade goes back centuries. In China, jade was revered in ancient times (and is revered) as a heavenly stone that can give longevity, health and youth. Symbols of power for emperors were made from it, presented as a gift to foreign royalty. It was believed that jade symbolizes cosmic energy, perfection, power and immortality.Admiration for jade in China was so great that musical instruments were even made from it. In New Zealand, the Maori tribe carved amulets out of jade, crudely and grotesquely depicting the ancestors of the owner of the amulets. In addition to the connection with the ancestors, the amulet protected its owner from many mental and physical illnesses.The medals of the 2008 Olympic Games are made using jade The impact of jade on humansJade acts both on the human body and on his mental state.Impact on the body:stabilization of blood pressure;lowering cholesterol levels;help with diseases of the genitourinary system, kidney diseases;thyroid disease;improvement of the work of internal organs;activation of blood microcirculation;improved metabolism. Rings – base wood decorated with satin ribbonwood – made of naturalgemstone jade,crystal,feathers goose,wooden rings,metallic beads,wood beads,metall mosaic, DimensionsThe height of the composition is 75cm ( 29.53 inches)size of the ring with wood 26.5 cm (10.24 inches)Before placing your order, specify the availability you need.************************Thanks for visiting my store!I’m glad to do something unique for you!
Audience: Unisex
Colour: Green
Condition: New
Dimensions (cm): 75
Interest: Crafts
Location of Origin: Germany
Material subtype (Gemstone): Jade
Material type: Gemstone
Occasion: Mother
Style: Cute


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