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Grey Glamius Cotton Goose Down Comforter


Elevate your sleeping experience with the sophisticated Grey Glamius Cotton Goose Down Comforter. Its chic grey hue complements both modern and classic bedroom décors, serving as a versatile centerpiece. With a shell fashioned from 100% plush cotton and filled generously with premium goose down, it's an embodiment of luxury and warmth. The renowned goose down promises feather-light insulation, cocooning you in unparalleled comfort throughout the night.


• Size 

  • Queen: 200 x 230 cm (79" x 91"), Weight: 3000G
  • King: 220 x 240 cm (87" x 94"), Weight: 3500G

• Set Includes: 1 Comforter
• Material

  • Shell: 100% Cotton
  • Filling: 100% Goose Down

• Thread Count: ≥600s

Features & Benefits

  • Elegant Design: Its understated grey tone offers a versatile touch, making it perfect for a myriad of bedroom themes.
  • Unmatched Comfort: Filled to perfection with choice goose down, ensuring you stay snug without feeling weighed down.
  • Top-Grade Fabric: Boasting a thread count of over 600, the comforter ensures longevity and feels heavenly against the skin.


  • @LINKORI believe life also is fashion and the quality is the first.

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