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Heart Bead Silver Necklace

£85 £100
Valkyrie Gems Beads has introduced a new heart-shaped bead. The seeds are made of white quartz and citrine. We chose high-quality stone and ground it into the shape of a heart, with a 925 silver core inside. Beads can be used to make pendants or mixed with bracelets such as Pandora and Trollbeads.Price included the silver chain necklace.
Audience: Women
Colour: Transparent
Condition: New
Interest: Fashion Lover
Location of Origin: Rest of Asia
Material subtype (Gemstone): Crystal
Material type: Gemstone
Occasion: Birthday
Style: Classic
Weight (g): 50
  • At Valkyrie Gems Beads we use high-quality gemstones to create beads for bracelets and pendants, combined with sterling silver.

     All products are handcrafted and meticulously executed to produce the best-finished product.

    The stones carry different positive energies depending on their properties of the stone. You can visit our website to check which stone is suitable for your zodiac sign.
    Especially all Valkyrie products are detachable, mix-match to change every day.

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