Daffodil Bijoux

gemona del friuli, italy

Holly Necklace

For a little gift, the wooden statement necklace with holly is a definitely great gift. The holly is an evergreen symbol of eternity, but its extremely pungent leaves also represent aggression. In fact, in the antiquity of the Drudi, it was used to drive away evil spirits and was worn in the hair as a symbol of good omen during sacrifices. Furthermore, in Germany, it is thought that the holly is also an excellent lucky charm against lightning and thunder. Its meaning of lucky charm has come down to us, the Romans in fact began to use it always, on every holiday, to decorate the door of their home and from a pagan symbol, it became a Christian! The necklace is made up of three hand-painted wooden elements based on our design, mounted along the chain in a game of symmetries that alternate with Swarovski crystals. The chain and the small parts of the necklace are in hypoallergenic steel and nickel-free metal. Lightweight to wear! Size 62 cm, single position closure with snap hook. Totally hand-coloured with water-based colours and varnishes and infinite, loving patience, to recreate the typical shades of the Daffodil style. Eco-sustainable because it is totally recyclable, the back is also always paint-free, for natural contact with your skin. Laser cut with brand new technologies, but drawn on paper with passion in our studio lab. Each necklace is packaged with a card with a special message (chosen at random) with a short poetic phrase. If you want to choose your message please contact us after purchase to get the list of phrases you can choose from. Original Daffodil Bijoux design, from the Light Wood limited edition collection.
Audience: Unisex
Colour: Multi-Coloured
Condition: New
Interest: Gardener
Jewellery Type: Necklaces
Jewellery Type - Necklace: Other Necklace
Location of Origin: Italy
Material type: Wood
Occasion: Christmas
Style: Classic
  • Limited Edition Anglophile Jewels made of sustainable, laser-cut, hand painted wood.

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