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Hydrocolloid Acne Patch

Say goodbye to blemishes with our Hydrocolloid Acne Patch. This medical-grade adhesive patch helps protect acne from bad bacteria while creating an ideal environment for skin healing. Easy to use and with visible progress, this is the perfect tool to help you clear up your complexion! Skin Benefits: Absorb secretion & promote healing of acne. Protect acne from dirt & other contaminants. Drug-free & non-drying. How to use: First, clean the blemish, then place one acne-fighting super dot over your pimple, zit, or whitehead, and gently press the edges to seal. Remove after 6-8 hours. Ingredient: Hydrocolloid
Audience: Unisex
Beauty & Other Accessories: Skin & Body Care
Colour: Transparent
Condition: New
Interest: Pamper & Comfort
Location of Origin: United States of America
Material type: Other
Occasion: Everyday
Special - Skin & Body: Skin Care; Treatments & Supplements
Style: Classic
Weight (g): 16

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