Sustainable silver pendant LEAF OF LIFE

Timeless, unique and lightweight silver earrings that are 100% genuine and manufactured on-demand using recycled precious metals and 3D printing technology. Made of 100% recycled Argentium silver 925 includes at least 93% silver and 7% copper and other alloy elements. Gold plated with 24K yellow gold (purity 99.9), plating bath at the concentration of 0.8 g/l of gold. The product is lead, cadmium and nickel free. Sold without the chain necklace. Design by KiRiVOO
Audience: Women
Colour: Gold
Condition: New
Interest: Fashion Lover
Jewellery category: Fine Jewellery
Jewellery Type: Pendants
Location of Origin: Rest of Europe
Material type: Metal
Occasion: Birthday
Style: Modern

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