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Large Dreamcatcher, wall hanging, Green Dreamcatcher, Boho dreamcatchers, boho decor gift, bohemian decor, zodiac sign large tree of life

Large Dreamcatcher, wall hanging, Green Dreamcatcher, Boho dreamcatchers, boho decor gift, bohemian decor, zodiac sign large tree of lifeLarge Green Dreamcatcher, wall hanging agate Dreamcatcher, Boho Large dreamcatchers, boho XXL green decor, gift bohemian decorMaterialscrystal, duck feathers, wooden rings, metallic beads, wood beads, mosaic glossy glass, wood based, natural green Jade, natural Green prenit, ceramic pearl, plastic beads, synthetic cordDimensionsHeight: 53.94 Inches; Width: 13.38 InchesLarge Green Dreamcatcher, wall hanging jade Dreamcatcher, Boho Large dreamcatchers , boho XXL green jade decor, gift bohemian decorJade is the name common to jade and jadeite, which until the end of the XIX century. were considered one and the same.Stone of Maori, Stone of axes, New Zealand green stone, Kidney stone, Anchor stoneHealing propertiesJade has a high heat capacity. It always seems warm and pleasant to the touch. Applied to the area of ​​the stomach or near the kidneys, nephritis acts as a prolonged warming compress or warmer, gradually relieving pain. In the West it is called “kidney stone”, believe that it best helps in the treatment of kidney diseases.Jade normalizes blood pressure, improves lung and heart function, prevents hair from drying out, strengthens the liver, stomach, heart, bones, whole blood system, eyesight, hearing.This stone is an excellent remedy for headaches, dizziness, atherosclerosis, strokes and eye diseases.Jade massage rollers are used to relieve headache, normalize blood pressure, enhance sexual potency, to massage the facial skin in order to get rid of wrinkles and prevent skin flabbiness. Massage with nephritis stimulates and helps blood circulation in the brain, removes fatigue.Currently, more often use jade cushions – an ancient Chinese remedy based on the healing properties of jade.Magical propertiesIn China, jade is a national stone.Jade has a strong energy. It gives people a sense of gentleness, justice, a desire for knowledge, a moderation of life, courage and purity. He promotes happy changes, leads out of the impasse. They are recommended to those who wish to change their worldview and way of life, people who seek enlightenment.The nephrite is credited with the ability to give vitality, good health and longevity.In the East, jade was considered a “victory stone” and greatness, an amulet that strengthens the vital forces, protecting from the evil eye.Brings good luck in gambling, helps in business and financial field.In China, it is believed that jade can serve as an indicator of human behavior, if it becomes cloudy and then darkens – it indicates the sins committed.Influence on chakrasJade successfully fills all chakras with energy and harmonizes the YIN-YAN ratio in all energy bodies, channels and centers.The most notable effect is on Manipur and Anahata, as well as on the chakras according to their own color.EnergyHas a harmonizing effect. However, inside the color gamut it is customary to subdivide nephrite as follows: White jade – Receptive Yin (absorbs energy), Green jade – harmonizes the balance of YIN-YAN, other colors have – projective energy Yang (secrete energy, activate).“”””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””Healing propertiesIn folk medicine it is believed that beads from prenit are able to improve the immune system of the body. Bracelets from this mineral help with anemia. Lithotherapists suggest that decorations from prenita or simply stones can alleviate suffering in gout attacks. It is believed that if several hours a day to carry a stone in the kidneys, then you can get rid of kidney failure and other diseases of this body. Earrings and pendants help people suffering from excessive absent-mindedness.Prenit affects the heart chakra.Magical propertiesIn many countries of the world, the prehente embodies peace, peace and harmony. Modern practicing mages and mediums use this stone for meditation. Some sorcerers say that with the help of this crystal you can make a journey into the past, remember your previous lives and even look into the future. In European countries, the prenite has a special impact on women. They are recommended to wear beads and bracelets made of prehnite in order to find a greater attraction for men, and also to find their place in life, to become self-confident.There is no unequivocal opinion about which sign of the zodiac is protected by the prehnite.Talismans and amuletsPrenit is the talisman of magicians, mediums, women and all people who strive for harmony with the world around them. As a talisman, you can use a pendant made from this crystal. For people engaged in magic, he will reveal the essence of things; women will help to acquire the qualities of a leader and will feed them with additional energy.“”””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””” Rings – base wood decorated with satin ribbontree of life made of natural Green prenit gemstonecrystal,duck feathers,wooden rings,metallic beads,wood beads,mosaic glossy glass,wood based,natural green Jade,natural Green prenit,ceramic pearl,crystal,plastic beads,synthetic cord, DimensionsThe height of the composition is 137cm ( 53.94 inches)size of the ring with wood ~ 13.38″ (34.5 cm )the size of the small ring is 7.09″ (18.5cm )the size of the small ring is 4.33″ (11cm ) Prune – The Stone of AppeasementMedicinal propertiesLike all minerals, Prehnite has healing properties – boosts immunity, helps to cure such complex diseases as anemia.Modern lithotherapists recommend wearing prenit jewelry to anyone who suffers from gout. For the prevention of treatment of various diseases of the kidneys, it is recommended to carry the mineral in a pocket of clothes in the lumbar region – this will help to cope with pyelonephritis, renal failure, etc.Healing properties of prenitPrenit has a positive effect on the Heart Chakra – this is the 4th chakra of the Anahata. The color of the stone corresponds to the color of the chakra – green. The heart chakra depends on the effects of the sun and the planets Venus and Saturn. Opened and normally functioning ANAHATA increases the efficiency of the three lower chakras, has a positive effect on the functioning of the cardiovascular system, chest, spine.Read more about: The main stones of the chakrasIf you constantly wear pendants from preenit, then the probability of a disease of the chest and spine can be reduced to zero. According to lithotherapists, prenit bracelets help even with frostbite. Earrings and pendants strengthen memory, help to concentrate, increase efficiency. Such jewelry is ideal for female students and teachers, as well as to all who have a professional attitude to music and history.Magical propertiesPrebit – is the personification of peace, peace and harmony in the house. This mineral is actively used in its activities by practicing magicians and mediums – they predict the future, contact with other worlds, make astral journeys to the future and the past.Pendant with prenitThe stone helps everyone to comprehend the depths of magic, to know the harmony of the Universe, to strengthen the strength of will, perseverance and self-reliance.Before placing your order, specify the availability you need.************************Thanks for visiting my store!I’m glad to do something unique for you!
Audience: Unisex
Colour: Green
Condition: New
Dimensions (cm): 137
Interest: Crafts
Location of Origin: United States of America
Material subtype (Gemstone): Other Gemstone
Material type: Gemstone
Occasion: Birthday
Style: Experimental


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