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Large Red dream catcher, not native american, authentic inspired dream catcher with mosaic, Christmas gift for girl, gift for daughter Christmas

Large dream catcher, large red dreamcatchers, unique dream catcher with mosaic, Christmas gift for girl, gift for daughter Christmas gift Available in US warehouse.Delivery within the USA 4-6 days ●●●************●●●●************●●●●************● Rings – base wood decorated with satin ribbonwood – made of natural gemstone govlitcrystal,feathers guinea fowl,duck feathers,wooden rings,metallic beads,wood beads,mosaic glossy glass DimensionsThe height of the composition is 121cm (47.64 inches)size of the ring with wood 34.3 cm (13.39 inches)the size of the small ring is 16.5 cm (6.30 inches)the size of the small ring is 8 cm (3.15 inches)*********Medicinal properties of govlit***********The content of howlite explains the healing possibilities of mineral formation.Calcium, which is part of the mineral, has unique healing abilities:Favorably acts and improves the condition of the bones,joints,lean body mass;Promotes rapid healing of tissue in fracturescracks, bruises;Keeps calcium in the required amount of the body.Stone is advised to purchase during pregnancy.It will increase the resilience of the female body,improve heart functionmake stronger walls of blood vessels.The owner will feel the strengthening of the nervous system,stress and depression will be less likely to attend and interfere with normal life. Healing gem is used by massage therapists for various effects on the body.He is an excellent conductor of heat and helps the masters to warm up the patient, to prepare for medical procedures:Anti-cellulite massages;Treatment for varicose veins;Help with blockage of blood vessels;Pathology of the joints.Govlit is a great helper against toothache.Gem strengthens their dental health and eliminates unpleasant symptoms. **********Magic powers and media abilities**************The magical properties of the stone endowed with natural mineral white. It symbolizes eternity, purity of thoughts.White color is innocence and sinlessness.White is also the power of the unknown. The stone is endowed with powerful magic powers:Banishes anxiety;Clears the mind;Reduces anger and irritation.Govlit helps mediums in interpreting dreams.According to interpreters, the mineral is capable of remembering a dream, with its help an upcoming event is deciphered, a warning from the Higher Forces about possible changes in the future is being studied.Govlit – stone students.He absorbs new knowledge like a clean sheet.The power of magic is aimed at opening up learning abilities and help. They advise you to take the stone with you for any kind of intelligence test: testing; exams; job interviewsMineral can help:Activate self-education;Enhances brain function;Improves performance.It is important to understand that the mineral does not limit learning abilities to any particular subject. Any areas of study can be activated by the forces of the govlita. Talismans and amulets Govlit is considered a talisman of people who respect everything positive. He will help preserve human dignity in all situations. Charm will maintain character, make the person sublime and self-confident. The talisman is made from natural white stone.They grind it, give it shape and keep it close in a pocket, bag, on the table.The magical properties of borocalcite make the mineral a talisman of dentists.They prefer beautiful roundels to keep in their office.The hand of a specialist becomes easy, good speech.The doctor is constantly improving his technique and ability to treat the most unpleasant pain.Govlit – an amulet of many professions engaged in the study of the new, unidentified, unknown.Before placing your order, specify the availability you need.************************Thanks for visiting my store!I’m glad to do something unique for you!Standard delivery time is 4-9days USA
Audience: Unisex
Colour: Red
Condition: New
Dimensions (cm): 121
Interest: Crafts
Location of Origin: United States of America
Material subtype (Gemstone): Other Gemstone
Material type: Gemstone
Occasion: Birthday
Style: Classic


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