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london, united kingdom

Large white dream catcher, Large SNOW dreamcatcher with natural feathers. Sellers from Ukraine Ukrainian sellers. Native American style

Large white dream catcher, Large SNOW dreamcatcher with natural feathers. Sellers from Ukraine Ukrainian sellers. Native American stylewooden ringsatin ribbon,ostrich featherswooden beadscrystal beads,Lempwork beads,metal beads,synthetic cordceramic beads,gemstone rock crystal,glossy glass mosaic,mosaic glass matt,white greek marble,mosaic and silver leafbig ring diameter 39.5cm (15inches)small ring diameter 20 cm (8inches)small ring diameter 11.7 cm (4inches)height of the product – 142 см ( 56 inches )Magical propertiesAs a talisman, crystals of rock crystal strengthen constancy, attract love, joy of life, sympathy of other people, luck, spiritual comfort and well-being to the owner.Rock crystal helps to get rid of nightmares, insomnia and unreasonable fears.According to ancient beliefs, rock crystal purifies the body, thoughts, contributes to the removal of toxins from the body. An amulet made of rock crystal saves a person from the danger of freezing in extreme cold or getting a heat stroke in the heat.Rock crystal contributes to concentration of attention, sharpening of thought processes, expansion of consciousness, strengthening memory and improving speech, therefore it is very good for students.It is believed that the energy of rock crystal is easily tuned to the frequency of human vibrations, regulates and stabilizes them. Tibetan lamas use crystal balls to open the “third eye,” they call rock crystals “alive,” since their six faces symbolize the six human chakras converging to the top — the seventh chakra, which is directed upward into Cosmos.Rock crystal is a clairvoyant stone. It is of particular importance for divination. Skillful fortunetellers read in crystals and, especially in well-cut rock crystal balls, pictures of the past and the future. To do this, they are installed in a dark room so that a beam of light falls on it, and they stare at it for a long time without blinking, concentrating on the desire to see a particular object in it. Sometimes for this purpose they use a crystal ball and a bead on a silk thread, watching it swing.The connection of crystal with clairvoyance is explained by the fact that rock crystal is the purest variety of quartz, which forms a large part of the surface of the Earth, which senses the cosmos and the astral world.Influence on the chakrasRock crystal affects Sahasrara.It is also used to clear and activate all the lower chakras.EnergyProjective Yang (releases energy, activates)●●●************●●●●************●●●●************●Thanks for visiting my store!I’m glad to do something unique for you!
Audience: Unisex
Colour: White
Condition: New
Dimensions (cm): 142
Interest: Crafts
Location of Origin: United States of America
Material subtype (Gemstone): Other Gemstone
Material type: Gemstone
Occasion: Wedding
Style: Classic


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